April 23-30

A week of retreat, workshops and energetic treatment by Anneriek Schuurman

April 27-29 Workshop Maskerade by Han Bakker

Han Bakker:

‘ in the fantastic atmosphere of Urian’s place I want to offer the course ‘Masquerade’ along with Urian as colorful and caring host and Anneriek with her extensive repertoire of Body & Mind techniques. The course takes place in Tarczyn, the wonderfull location of Urian in the Giant Mountains.

The course is themed Masquerade Transformation and consists of three workshops that are possible to follow separately. I work with tribal elements, such as material culture and initiation rituals. By making your own mask you gain insight into your creative process. You can choose which elements in your life you want to give more shape and which may be at a greater distance. Old roles and patterns get fresh space, new possibilities given occasion. Gradually we are going to give more identity to the mask. Finally, the phase of the acceptance comes into your new role.

In these workshops you will learn to create new opportunities for yourself. We work with local and natural materials. The course concludes with a presentation and then party at Urian’s fantastic ambiance. He has great experience in organizing scenic events.’

The cost is € 25, – per workshop, which includes materials. So the whole course costs € 75, – For a minimum enrollment of 4 the course continues. Sign up now by e-mail:

Han Bakker is a cultural anthropologist and artist. He has over 20 years been a teacher of creative thinking and has done so in a variety of ways. He was promoted creativity (VU University Amsterdam). He has published several books and articles.

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